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Life with a newborn

Wow, our baby is 7 months old already.  All those wonderful people in my life who said it goes by quick, were definitely right.  Feels like yesterday that I was home with a new baby learning how to feed him, change him, bathe him, etc.  We have fallen into our pattern now and I wouldn't trade anything not to have this smiling baby boy in our lives.  He's had his first trip to Holiday World, rides in our new bus, trip to Lake Michigan and first camping trips. Just look at him and how precious he is!

He's on top of our new bus, here.  It's our new camper/rv and so much fun!  Larkin's first trip to the apple orchard!  We like going to Stuckey Farm to pick apples, go on the hayride and eat the best apple cider donuts. YUM!

We're in the crawling and pulling up to things stage right now, which is exciting.  Need to get the house a little more baby friendly, but it's awesome to see him develop and learn new things every day.
Yesterday, I finally got my tomatoes a…

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