Monday, October 17, 2016


Haven't been online in awhile because we ran off and got married in the mountains of Tennessee and bought a little country home!  I have been super busy getting the house in order and plans for my craft room.  Still sewing but took off some time a bit to plan a reception with family and friends this weekend.  I am so excited for the decorations and things that I have put together for the reception, that I don't even regret having a big wedding at all.  Having an intimate ceremoney just the two of us and then being on our honeymoon was perfect.  Less stress is always good!  Anyone else ever eloped before?  Did it turn out the way that you wanted?

Goals for this winter will definitely be some more quilts to finish, knit more of the wooly bear hats, and enjoying married life. :)  We already have plans to build a greenhouse, a bigger coop and put in a larger garden. 

Stay tuned and enjoy this Fall weather.  It is absolutely beautiful this time of year in the Midwest!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alfredo, sewing and essential oils

It's a rainy, drizzly evening in Indiana.  I decided that some fettucine alfredo sounded great.  It's such a comfort food to me.  Cup of cream, melted stick of butter, 2 cups fresh grated parmesan and a dash of salt, melt in skillet, pour over noodles- good to go!  I was sick and hardly able to eat last night so this is even more delicious tonight. :)

I had the diffuser going last night with my Shield blend of oils and my hot water bottle on my tummy to keep me warm.   Shield is great to have on hand to get the air clean, my body working again and keep me immune to all the germs around us.  Right now, Spark is having a great anniversary sale, too. 20% off oils, blends and kits, free shipping and use my code- cottonblossom for an extra 10% off.  You can't go wrong! I just ordered several things to stock back up on.

Now off to finish my dinner and sewing a flannel cozy for my hot water bottle.  I don't like the plain red rubber and am going to use a cute fox flannel print I have to make a cover.

Don't forget to buy some oils today.  The sale is only one day so check out some of the blends and essential four pack before midnight!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dana's new fabric!

I have been an avid follower of the MADE blog by Dana for many years now.  Her patterns are some of the first skirts and pants that I ever created for my niece and nephew.  And I just checked her blog and she is coming out with a fabric line! Yay!  It's adorable and reminds you of summer and ice cream and sprinkles. Love.


Boardwalk Delight? How cute is that?  I love her creativity and wish to one day have the time to branch out like she has.  Check out this line.  I'm already thinking what I could make with some of this.
Boardwalk Delight Fabrics by Dana Willard

Now, I wonder if there will ever be a cool giveaway on her site for one of these patterns?  My favorite is the sprinkles and polka dots.

Well, time to get sewing for my craft show this weekend.  Making up some chicken feed sack tote bags since it's a cool antique flea market crowd.  Come on by and say hi!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Boone County Uniques

I am signed up for my first show of the year with Boone County Uniques! It is April 2nd in Advance, IN if you want to get out and do some flea market and handcrafted item shopping that day.
I'll have my booth set up and you can also browse my items at

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winter projects on the urban homestead

It's been awhile since I last blogged, but I have been so busy enjoying family, friends and all my projects.  Christmas was wonderful and lots of fun to be had. Any special traditions you have during this time of year?
 I made this Santa cake for my niece's birthday after seeing it on a Family Circle magazine cover.  It was so pretty to show her and a lot of fun to make!
Good ole Road Chip movie for the birthday girl.  This one wasn't that bad to sit through. :)
Calvin and Hobbes got dressed up for the Christmas season while Mollie watched over them just glad she wasn't in the elf costume this year!  I just love my new piggies.
 Of course I got some more sewing done and made an apron set for my niece for Christmas.  You can find more of my kids' aprons in my Etsy shop!
Jesse and I stayed at the cabin in French Lick, IN for our annual ski trip. My previous posts also show pictures of this cabin and if you're in the area, Turkey Hill cabin rental is our favorite and we love going to Paoli Peaks.  The snow was coming down so hard and in big flakes while we were skiing! It was perfect and we stayed out skiing all day long.  

And of course, it's now time for Spring chicks!  These little babies are some Easter Eggers from my favorite store.  Agrarian gets their chicks from Meyer Hatchery so I know they are some good chicks.  I'll have to figure out the culling of some of my original girls,  and then might go back later and get a Maran or Wyandotte, too.  Anyone have trouble butchering your chickens that you've named?  I know they say not to name them, but I'm getting better at knowing that I've provided them a good life and I can't afford to feed hens and not have any eggs right now.  The little homesteader in me is also excited to have fresh chicken meat to pressure can and use all year!

In a few months, I'll start my beekeeping adventures!  I ordered bees from Indy Bee Supply and they should arrive around April or May.  I already have the top bar hive and all my supplies so I'm excited to start this next endeavor, too.  Any urban beekeepers out there?

Today is a great day to work on some of my quilting projects and finally get a quilt finished. That last step seems to always be delayed.   Being inside all winter, the cold and congestion seems to creep up, but I've been diffusing this Respire blend to help with breathing and flu symptoms.  When I did get a cold last week, it was shortened considerably and my house smells wonderful, too.  Use my code, cottonblossom, for an extra discount when buying from Spark Naturals! The best deal for me continues to be the OOTM club.  Love receiving a great new oil delivered to me each month!

Respire - Respiratory Blend

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Essential Oils

This year I have gotten interested in essential oils and I love the Spark Naturals company.  My favorite option that they have is the "Oil of the Month" club.

 For $15.99 a month, they send you a large 15 ml bottle of a different oil each month.  You can cancel anytime, but why would you want to?  It's a great way to try new oils and build up your collection.  I have been diffusing the Shield blend at night and throughout my home recently and I want to think that it has kept me well and flu free this season. The next oil that I'm going to get to try is Respire! It sounds great for the cold and flu season and helping with congestion.  Perfect for the cold winter months when everyone is cooped up inside all season.

If you do want to start small with oils, get their essential four pack.  It only costs $20 and you can even get 10% off with my code- cottonblossom. This is exactly how I got started with oils and these four could be enough for you all the time.  They are that good.  You will get Lemon, Lavender, Melaleuca and Peppermint.  Such a powerhouse of a group of oils.  I clean with lemon all the time, use peppermint for headaches, stomachaches and to keep the spiders away.

 Lavender is the swiss army knife of oils and helps with about everything from pet smells to better sleep.  I even keep some nearby in the kitchen for burns or cuts when I'm cooking.  Melaleuca is good for the skin, acne , even athletes foot.  Here is a great printable sheet to get a better idea of what you can use the oils for.  I have this printed and hanging on the side of my refrigerator and I consult it almost daily.

I want to continue finding better ways to live and get rid of the toxins and chemicals in my life.  This may never be completely gone, but one step at a time and I've started with growing my own food, raising chickens for eggs and next year is getting honeybees!  What ways have you made changes in your own life to be more self sufficent or  healthy?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bonfires, leather boots and caramel apples

This time of year is wonderful! The cool crisp mornings are perfect. I love to wake up and have some coffee, collect the eggs and snuggle under a quilt while doing some knitting and watching Netflix.  I also keep pretty busy as usual. 

Recently, my sister and I spent a day with my niece at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Enjoy some pictures of our day here and having lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory. 
We had so much fun walking around on that beautiful day. My favorite part was the greenhouse at the museum! I bought a mason jar hydroponic system for basil. It's already sprouting in my window.
We've also been to the pumpkin patch, apple orchard and I did buy a pair of new leather boots from Target :) 
My niece and nephew in the apple trees. After this trip, I was able to put up several jars of applesauce and apple butter and tried a new recipe on Martha Stewart for a buttermilk apple cinnamon cake.

It was delicious!

Gotta love the nighttime bonfires. Jesse is great at making me the perfect fire for roasting marshmallows. 

Fall is also the perfect time to catch up on sewing and getting ready for the Christmas sales. My Shop  has several new items like this one- Jeep grab handles! I have the red ones and love them. 
I also have been making more wooly bear hats

Order yours now just in time for Christmas. I hope all my friends are enjoying this season. Happy Fall Ya'll!