Haven't been online in awhile because we ran off and got married in the mountains of Tennessee and bought a little country home!  I have been super busy getting the house in order and plans for my craft room.  Still sewing but took off some time a bit to plan a reception with family and friends this weekend.  I am so excited for the decorations and things that I have put together for the reception, that I don't even regret having a big wedding at all.  Having an intimate ceremoney just the two of us and then being on our honeymoon was perfect.  Less stress is always good!  Anyone else ever eloped before?  Did it turn out the way that you wanted?

Goals for this winter will definitely be some more quilts to finish, knit more of the wooly bear hats, and enjoying married life. :)  We already have plans to build a greenhouse, a bigger coop and put in a larger garden. 

Stay tuned and enjoy this Fall weather.  It is absolutely beautiful this time of year in the Midwest!


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