Alfredo, sewing and essential oils

It's a rainy, drizzly evening in Indiana.  I decided that some fettucine alfredo sounded great.  It's such a comfort food to me.  Cup of cream, melted stick of butter, 2 cups fresh grated parmesan and a dash of salt, melt in skillet, pour over noodles- good to go!  I was sick and hardly able to eat last night so this is even more delicious tonight. :)

I had the diffuser going last night with my Shield blend of oils and my hot water bottle on my tummy to keep me warm.   Shield is great to have on hand to get the air clean, my body working again and keep me immune to all the germs around us.  Right now, Spark is having a great anniversary sale, too. 20% off oils, blends and kits, free shipping and use my code- cottonblossom for an extra 10% off.  You can't go wrong! I just ordered several things to stock back up on.

Now off to finish my dinner and sewing a flannel cozy for my hot water bottle.  I don't like the plain red rubber and am going to use a cute fox flannel print I have to make a cover.

Don't forget to buy some oils today.  The sale is only one day so check out some of the blends and essential four pack before midnight!


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