Winter projects on the urban homestead

It's been awhile since I last blogged, but I have been so busy enjoying family, friends and all my projects.  Christmas was wonderful and lots of fun to be had. Any special traditions you have during this time of year?
 I made this Santa cake for my niece's birthday after seeing it on a Family Circle magazine cover.  It was so pretty to show her and a lot of fun to make!
Good ole Road Chip movie for the birthday girl.  This one wasn't that bad to sit through. :)
Calvin and Hobbes got dressed up for the Christmas season while Mollie watched over them just glad she wasn't in the elf costume this year!  I just love my new piggies.
 Of course I got some more sewing done and made an apron set for my niece for Christmas.  You can find more of my kids' aprons in my Etsy shop!
Jesse and I stayed at the cabin in French Lick, IN for our annual ski trip. My previous posts also show pictures of this cabin and if you're in the area, Turkey Hill cabin rental is our favorite and we love going to Paoli Peaks.  The snow was coming down so hard and in big flakes while we were skiing! It was perfect and we stayed out skiing all day long.  

And of course, it's now time for Spring chicks!  These little babies are some Easter Eggers from my favorite store.  Agrarian gets their chicks from Meyer Hatchery so I know they are some good chicks.  I'll have to figure out the culling of some of my original girls,  and then might go back later and get a Maran or Wyandotte, too.  Anyone have trouble butchering your chickens that you've named?  I know they say not to name them, but I'm getting better at knowing that I've provided them a good life and I can't afford to feed hens and not have any eggs right now.  The little homesteader in me is also excited to have fresh chicken meat to pressure can and use all year!

In a few months, I'll start my beekeeping adventures!  I ordered bees from Indy Bee Supply and they should arrive around April or May.  I already have the top bar hive and all my supplies so I'm excited to start this next endeavor, too.  Any urban beekeepers out there?

Today is a great day to work on some of my quilting projects and finally get a quilt finished. That last step seems to always be delayed.   Being inside all winter, the cold and congestion seems to creep up, but I've been diffusing this Respire blend to help with breathing and flu symptoms.  When I did get a cold last week, it was shortened considerably and my house smells wonderful, too.  Use my code, cottonblossom, for an extra discount when buying from Spark Naturals! The best deal for me continues to be the OOTM club.  Love receiving a great new oil delivered to me each month!

Respire - Respiratory Blend


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