Wishing for Spring

Finished another jelly roll quilt, this time with a flannel bundle.  I love it! It's the rag type quilt where you basically sew backwards so that the seam shows on the top side.  After you sew all the layers together, flannel solid on bottom, batting strip then flannel strip, you fringe all the top seam allowances that show and then wash and dry!  There are a lot of tutorials online if you need pictures and better steps.  Some use three layers of flannel, but I had a lot of batting leftover and just cut small strips from that.  This quilt is now for sale in my Etsy shop, too. 

 Since I'm so ready for spring to get here, I got a jumpstart this past weekend on my seed starting.  I bought the Pot Maker from Burpee and also several new seeds, like Peanuts and Luffa! Everyone may get canned goods and luffa sponges this year for Christmas. :) Here is my little set up with a new grow light hanging down from a chain. My dad built a T frame from some leftover lumber in my garage and I made all the newspaper pots to get a head start on growing. The rest is just a little shelf I already had so all the supplies can go on the other shelves.  As they sprout, I'll cover with a larger plastic dome, water the tray at the bottom and raise the light until it's time to harden them off outside.   I can't wait to have a harvest of peanuts along with all the other normal veggies I like to grow.
 So far in the pots, I have onions, super sauce tomatoes, lettuce and peanuts!

Getting so ready for Spring!!


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