Chilly start to the month

Brr, it is getting cold outside.  I probably wouldn't think about it so much except I get home from work about 6pm and it's dark out.  Then I have to go in, feed the Beagle and change into my outdoor muddy chicken clothes.  I got some new Bogs that I love and they keep my feet warm and dry.  Anyways, back to chicken chores.  I have the new chicks separated from the old chicks while they're adjusting to each other and establishing the pecking order.  So I go outside and let them all run around if there's still daylight, fill the two feeders, fill the two frozen waterers, gather the eggs and kick a couple broody's out of the nesting box, put more shavings down and secure everything back up.  It will be good after this weekend, when I can hopefully get the heated waterer plugged in and make all the chicks live together in sweet peaceful harmony.  I do love having them and getting fresh eggs any day I want.  But tonight I made chili and cornbread which is such a wonderful winter comfort food.  Now to work on some sewing for my Etsy shop and for the Christmas Sale at the Jones Greenhouse.


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