Sum sum summertime!

Lazy days in the hammock at my boyfriend's place.

  He's been working on the backyard and we love hanging out there and building a fire and having a relaxing evening.  Summertime is all about slowing down and enjoying the sunshine, long days and warm nights.  I also love to fit in about every activity I can, though. :)

We had to have our annual trip to Spencer's Farm in Noblesville to get our strawberries.  This time I still picked the most but decided against just plain ole jam since I still have 4 half pints left from last year.  I decided to make strawberry rhubarb jam with my rhubarb harvest from the garden, canned strawberries for throughout the year, made strawberry butter and then froze some.  Turned out to be a great day!

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a little sewing project during the rainy days.  My niece, Autumn was able to stay with me and she woke up promptly around 8am Saturday morning reminding me that I promised to do her nails and some sewing.  So after fixing up some eggs and bacon, we did nail wraps and then proceeded to make a little "sleeping bag" and pillow for her doll.
  My niece is only 6, but getting better at sewing since my mom has been working with her, too. 

Here is a peek into my backyard garden...
My 4 garden beds, cucumber trellis on first with peas and bush beans underneath it.
These two pots have garlic, a sweet potato plant and the red pot has some small pumpkins growing in it.  I also covered this with insect netting before the blooms came and it may have stopped the squash bugs for now.
Little herb bag I got from Hobby Lobby.  Perfect for chickens and for my cooking!
And at work, we were able to take a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium where the Indianapolis Colts play. That's me on the field!  I work with kids with Intellectual Disabilities at a residential facility and the older kids that went today loved it!  We went way up high and sat in the press box, learned all kinds of interesting facts, went in the locker room, and ran on the field.  So far, summer is treating me pretty well!


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