Nest box warmer

Well snow is headed our way and this week, I had my first frozen egg of the season.  If the membrane is intact, you can save them but I don't really like taking the chance of any bacteria getting inside.  I decided to try making a warmer that I can microwave and also wipe off to keep clean.  Sitting in my sewing room looking through fabric, I had yards of yellow from a Wizard of Oz Halloween day at work :) Absolutely loved that costume.

 This yellow brick road was washed up, cut into squares 10x10 and ready to go. If you want to make a warmer yourself, cut the inside fabric the size of your nest boxes and stitch all the way around leaving a little opening at the top and fill with rice, corn or beans.  Up to you if you want to sew right sides together and turn it, I did, but it's going in a coop, so don't stress.  Stitch the opening closed and then your bag to heat is ready.
Your oilcloth pouch should be cut with some extra allowance for the seam and a couple inches on top for a flap to close.  I purchased this oilcloth from Oilcloth by the Yard and there are so many fun patterns.  After the sides are stitched, I just added a couple circles of Velcro on the flap.

There!  Ok, now microwave the cotton pouch ONLY for about a minute, then place inside the oilcloth and put in your nest box. Do not microwave the oilcloth.   I'll add a thick layer of shavings on top of this to hopefully keep the eggs from cooking and the pouch to get soiled.  I'll add it in the morning and see how the chickies like it!


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