New chick in town

I got new baby chicks a couple weeks ago at Agrarian.  Love this store so much! They were getting ready for their Tour De Coops event and had three little Barred Rocks left so... home they went. I have named them Pepper, Sage and Nutmeg but cannot tell them apart.  Anyone know where you can buy safe little colored bands for their legs? Don't mind the water, they constantly kick shavings up, so I finally raised it up on a paver until they go outside soon. Got that vintage waterer at an antique store!
 I haven't visited that store in awhile since it's not too close to me, but I saw something new this time - a chicken buffet bar.  Perfect!  Whenever I go to PetCo, I always go to the treat bar for Mollie so this is great.  I got a large mixture of flax seed, barley, oats, cracked corn and rye.  And I have the perfect little metal pail and tin cup to hold it- another antique find.
I also thought I needed something for me from Agrarian and saw that they now carry Beeswrap! It's a fabric covered in beeswax and it softens with the warmth of your hand to replace plastic wrap. After you've molded it around the food, it then hardens again.  I've seen this stuff on other blogs, so I got the assorted sizes pack and it really does work well.  I made a BLT the other day and just wrapped up a tomato and was able to put it in the fridge.  You just wash the wrap off when done and reuse again! I think I want to buy more and eventually only use this and foil since I can reuse foil several times, too. 

Here's the backyard farm in full swing!  This weather has been great and I'm loving the fall nights and summer days. :) 
Luffa gourd growing like crazy in the raised bed and my Meyer lemons are finally turning yellow!

Some of my canning this year- sauces, pickles, jams and relish. 

Now, back to sewing for the busy Christmas season....


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