Birds of a Feather...

Here is my garden in progress now!  Just had to be patient but finally with the warm weather and rains, everything is blooming and doing great.  I'll have some great veggies to put up soon this summer and have already been eating lots of salads with radishes and carrots.

While I was watering and weeding the other day, I kept hearing a bunch of  peeping.  I was gathering some good garden peas and look over to see this.  See it?  A cute chicken clucking away and looking inside the dog house?
No, look closer...
How about now? 
Yep, a baby robin perched away on my beagle's doggy bed.  Probably the same baby bird that my boyfriend recently rescued after he fell out of the nest and was hopping around to follow one of my Bantam chickens.  I was worried he would get pecked to death, so he put him back in the nest while I flapped around the yard to keep Momma Robin away.  

So, cute and all but the chickens all kept trying to find the baby birds and Momma again was squawking and trying to peck my eyes out when I would go anywhere.  I was able for the most part to keep them away and I think he learned how to fly later and took off.  Good thing, because I've read that wild birds carry some bad diseases like Newcastle disease that can wipe out my whole egg laying flock! Anyone else have good ways to keep wild birds out of your yard?  I usually knock down their nests in the beginning and have all the birdfeeders in the front yard to discourage them from finding the back yard. 


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