Busy busy bee

Since my last post I have been so busy enjoying our warm spring weather.  It has been amazing after the winter we all had!  Just being outside watching the chickens, working in my new garden beds or playing with my niece and nephew is good to me.  Here are my new raised beds that my boyfriend built me.  He modeled them after the VegTrugs that I saw on Williams-Sonoma.  Love them!  Didn't he do such a great job??
 That contraption was built by my dad and I for the cucumber plants to grow up, which then shades the lettuce, spinach and greens from the sun. Hopefully they start taking off soon. Might have planted them a little early. :)
  And below, the aqua shields were taken off tonight and the tomatoes inside have grown so much and were protected from the frost and kept warm like a little greenhouse.
The middle is perfect for deeper roots like carrots and the edges are great for lettuces and onions.  Next I need to figure out some rock paths or mulch underneath and finish staining them.  I know the mulch will get kicked all over the yard from the chickens dust bathing or searching for bugs, so then a little edger or fence will be needed, too.  All ideas and designs are welcome!  Time to plant some grass seed, too after all the digging around.

I also made some plant markers like the ones that are all over Pinterest right now.  The trick is finding real silver spoons, not stainless, unless you're REALLY strong.  I picked up four at Goodwill and they stamped perfectly with the metal stamp set I have.  Then you color over the letters with a permanent marker, wipe over it with some hand sanitizer and voila- vintage little markers!


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