New Year!

Well, time has flown by since Christmas.  It was a great time with family and celebrating New Years, as well. There was a lot of sewing done for my Etsy shop and also Christmas presents.  I finished my niece's dress from Oliver and S and also almost finished my nephew's art museum vest from the same site.  I just love her patterns. They always come out looking so professional and clean looking.

 Here is me and my niece in her new dress on Christmas day. She had a mouth full of bread. :)

We also survived the Polar Vortex that hit here.  So much snow and below frigid temps!  I was pretty much snowed in for three days, except the many trips I would take out to the coop to check on the chicks.  

Also was able to look through my new favorite cookbook.  Have her second book, but love this one centered all around the Holidays.  Trying to figure out the first thing I will cook.  Maybe the eggs in hash brown nests for my coworkers!

Tried some of my new honey in some warm steel cut oats for the cold snowy mornings.  This stuff is so good!  The company is called NobleBroMan and I bought it at Agrarian in Indianapolis. It's a new store all about homesteading. They sell everything for keeping chickens, beekeeping, canning and gardening.


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